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  Show Contract Agreement
& Bill of Sale

      3950 Nott Road Bridgeport, Michigan 48722

   Cell phone # (989)327 - 9980



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***Read this contract completely before signing!***

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1. Seller: Bethany Ann Lauer          Buyer:_____________________________


2. Address: 3950 Nott Road           Address:___________________________


3. Contact number: 989-327-9980 Contact number: ___________________


4. Date of Sale:_________________  E-mail address:______________________


5.Purchase price of Dog:________*NR DEPOSIT________Balan. Due_______

*plus a pick of the litter female puppy back at 12 weeks of age at no

expense to the seller. This applies only to female show dogs sold by





6. Breed of Dog: Maltese                         Color: White with Black Points


7. Reg. name of dog:_____________________________________Sex: ________


8. Date of Birth:_________________________Place of Birth:_______________


9. Breeder's name and address: Bethany Ann Lauer, 3950 Nott Road,

Bridgeport, Michigan 48722, Number: (989)714-1874, E - Mail address:


10. Litter reg. number: __________________AKC. reg. Number___________


11. Sire: _________________________________AKC. reg. Number___________


12. Dam:_________________________________AKC. reg. Number___________


13. Tattoo or mircrochip number if any: ___________Microchip #________

Place of Tattoo or Microchip:__________________________________________




14a.) AKC. reg. (certificate or application form) given? Yes_____No_____

Reason (if withheld)_____________________________________________________


14b.) Date Dog was picked up or shipped to buyer:______________________


14c.) *BALANCE is DUE before the dog is picked up or shipped to the

buyer. Deposits and balance is to be paid by money orders or cash only!





Show Dog Guarantee

The "Show Dog" is an adult dog or a pup that goes beyond the definition of a pet dog. This animal must

 be pure bred, registered with the AKC. and be free of all disqualifying faults for its particular breed at the

time of sale. This dog is not guaranteed to win in the show ring, unless this is agreed in this contract at

 time of execution. It is understood with proper care on the part of the buyer, in due time the dog should

be of acceptable temperament and structure, and should embody the standards of the breed. This is not to

say there are no faults. There is no perfect dog.


1. Dog is purebred. Pedigree is correctly given at time of sale. Dog is registerable on an AKC.

 unlimited registration.


2. Said dog is being sold as show quality. Dog is to be shown to an AKC. Championship before

 being bred. If the dog is bred before completing his/her Championship buyer will pay seller

10x"s the asking price for each puppy born.



3. At the option and expense of the buyer a 48 hour guarantee through an examination by a

licensed veterinarian of buyers choice is to be recommended. Upon exam completion if the vet

 finds a hereditary or crippling disease Seller has the option to: either REFUND  100% minus any

 transportation or vet cost to buyer, provided the dog is returned to the seller, or REPLACED at

 sellers option. Also breeder/sellers vet must agree with diagnosis.


4. To be free of hereditary crippling defects visible by 1 years of age. Replaced when first

available puppy of the same sex show quality is available. Verified by buyer and seller's

veterinarians at no expense to the seller. Replacement puppy has no guarantees.


5. No other written guarantees or warrantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract

 except as stated as follows, initialed and dated by both parties:________________________________




6. At any time after 48 hours of the dogs life Seller gets first right to refusal before dog is to be

given or sold to another party. At no expense to the seller for vet bills, transportation cost etc.

Further, Owner will duly execute the appropriate AKC. registration Certificate restoring Breeder's

Full and Sole Ownership status on the dog/bitch and send the Certificate to the Breeder. *SAID



7. A breech in contract will result in a fine of twice the cost of this dog. Litigation in a Court of Law will reside in the State of Michigan and in the City of Saginaw



8. Buyer agrees to take care of said dog. Said dog will have proper veterinary care, kept clean and

 in a clean environment and will have proper socialization.


9. Owner is expressly prohibited from selling or breeding this said male/female Maltese until such

 time as an AKC. Confirmation Championship Title Certificate is earned by the dog and

RECIEVED by Owner from the AKC. and a copy sent to the seller/breeder.


10.Owner is expressly prohibited from selling, leasing, or co-owning any puppies  produced by this

 said male/female Maltese dog. All "GET" produced by this said male/female Maltese, not SOLEY

owned by the owner or owners are to be sold directly as pets on a spay/neuter contract and

marked limited on AKC. registrations. If buyer does not abide by this written statement the

buyer will be charged 10X's the dogs purchased price for each puppy. The only exception would

 be written permission from the Breeder/Seller on any breeding show/stock being considered sold.


11. Breeder gets full stud rights inside her own kennel if a male show dog is being purchased.

This will be at no expense to the breeder except shipping cost. Breeder gets first pick female

 show prospect puppy at 12 weeks old from show female sold. Breeder will only pick the stud

of her choosing on first litter born. At no expense to the breeder. The only cost to the breeder/

seller is transportation expenses to have puppy delivered to her home. If by the second litter

the said female has no female pups the breeder seller may choose to take either a male puppy

pick of the litter or cash payment equal to the selling price of said dog.


12. Said Contract is made in good faith to protect the buyer and the seller.


13. Dog is sold with full registration and co-owned by breeder/seller until finished or agreed

 upon by buyer and seller that the dog cannot gain it's Championship; ALSO until puppy back

obligation is provided and  fulfilled!



14. Said dog shall be registered as:










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